Brooker Consulting’s key service offerings include:

Services are provided to clients in the following areas:

  • The not-for-profit sector, including community service organisations involved in health and aged care, as well as in physical, intellectual and sensory disabilities
  • Member-based organisations and peak bodies in the human services arena, such as specialist medical colleges and other professional associations
  • Organisations providing education, employment and training services, especially the higher education and vocational training areas
  • Public hospitals, community health providers and aged care services
  • The private healthcare sector, including the private hospital, pharmaceutical, life sciences, biotechnology, medical devices and diagnostic industries
  • Government entities of all types (federal, state and local)
  • Quasi-autonomous non-government organisations, non-government entities and statutory authorities
  • Medical Research and other Institutes
  • Cooperative Research Centres
  • Philanthropic organisations, including trusts and foundations
  • Contract research organisations and various other providers of services to the above sectors