We are a Melbourne based, international Executive Recruitment business specialising in appointing Senior Management, CEO & Board positions. Our expertise covers a broad range of government, public and private organisations with a strong focus on the healthcare, not-for-profit, research and education sectors.

Headquartered in Melbourne, Brooker is unashamedly a boutique practice, promoting a methodology combining executive search with advertised selection.

Our candidate sourcing, verification, interviewing and reference checking methodologies are second to none, giving Brooker the confidence to offer an exceptional guarantee on each placement. More

Brooker Consulting’s Managing Director believes the most effective way of finding the best people is by using a range of methods simultaneously.

Anyone who is only advertising or just headhunting is doing their client a disservice because there will always be candidates excluded by using singular techniques in isolation. In general management for example, you would be well advised to advertise because you don’t know who is out there who might regard themselves as a general manager. With specialist roles there might only be a handful of people with the skills you need and, on such instances, executive search is clearly the method of choice.

In most cases you need to be advertising, headhunting, using the Internet, interrogating your database and even using the specialist professional press. Only if you are doing all of these things can you look your client in the eye and say “this is the best shortlist in the universe at the moment.

The Age, Sat 11 March 2000