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Focused expertise in higher education recruitment

Brooker Consulting acknowledges the ever-evolving landscape of higher education and the critical role that leadership plays in influencing its trajectory.

Recognising the sector’s grappling with global competition for funding, talent, and students, we curate leaders who are equipped to adapt constructively to disruption and drive institutional excellence.

Amidst the transformative pressures of new technologies and shifting educational paradigms, we remain steadfast in our mission to deliver academic leaders who are pioneers in their field.

We tap into our extensive network to introduce you to individuals who not only uphold the highest academic standards but are also ready to challenge the precedents.

Brooker’s nuanced executive search methodology, crafted and refined over many years, is designed to achieve noteworthy appointments – from University Heads and Deans to critical administrative overseers.

Key opinion leaders in the field enable us to remain ahead of emerging trends, ensuring we align institutions with future-focused leaders.

Our services encompass appointments for both Non-Executive and Executive roles, with an ever-conscious approach to budgetary constraints within the sector.

By introducing leadership with foresight and the capability to harmonise innovation with teaching and research obligations, we empower educational institutions to thrive.

Our recent higher education executive leadership appointments

Chair in Neurodegenerative Research
Commercialisation Manager; Institute Manager
Institute Manager
Commercialisation Manager
Head of College
Chief Executive Officer


Higher education executive search

  • University executive leadership
  • Academic deanship and faculty management
  • Research institute leadership
  • Education policy and reform
  • Digital learning and edtech integration
  • Curriculum development and academic excellence
  • Training and development
  • Administrative and operational leadership in education
  • Governance

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