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Brooker Consulting knows that the life sciences & biotech sectors are at the vanguard of human progress, melding scientific discovery with life-enhancing innovations.

It’s an area where leaders must be visionary yet pragmatic, strategic yet adaptable to the rapid pace of change.

We are committed to sourcing such rare talent, fostering leadership that embodies the drive and creativity necessary to thrive in these industries.

The sectors face new challenges and opportunities every day – from groundbreaking research to the complexities of bringing products to a global market.

Our role is to provide you with leaders who are not just adept in these fields but can propel your organisation to the forefront of development and commercial success.

Our end-to-end executive search process is tailored to the unique demands of life sciences & biotech – mapping precise talent matches for posts like Non-Executive Directors, C-Suite executives, and key scientific roles.

Drawing on our extensive industry network and deep market insights, we ensure seamless alignment with your organisation’s strategic ambitions and culture.

With our finger on the pulse of the latest industry trends, Brooker Consulting is ideally positioned to deliver leadership solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations. By introducing dynamic professionals to your team, we enable you to navigate the life sciences & biotech landscape with confidence and authority.

Our recent life sciences & biotech executive leadership appointments

Chief Executive Officer
Board Chair
4 Directors
Chief Executive Officer
Government and International Engagement
Senior Director
GM Education, Skills and Events
Board Chair
Chief Executive Officer


Life sciences & biotech executive search

  • Pharmaceutical development
  • Medical and clinical research leadership
  • Biotechnology innovation
  • Medical technology
  • Regulatory and compliance strategy
  • R&D management
  • Commercialisation
  • Quality stewardship
  • Digital health advancements
  • Medical devices
  • Governance

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