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Strategic recruitment for associations & advocacy leadership

In the world of associations and advocacy, the power of a truly influential leader cannot be underestimated. It is about more than management—it’s about passion, persuasion, and the ability to enact meaningful change. At Brooker Consulting, our focus is on finding such individuals—leaders who can steer organisations to not only meet objectives but to reshape the discourse in their respective fields.

Today’s environment places considerable value on the impact of advocacy, with organisations at the forefront of promoting causes, influencing policy, and engaging broadly to champion their messages. Brooker’s role is to assist these organisations by connecting them with executives that have the innovation, foresight, and effectiveness to thrive in this dynamic sector.

Our tailored executive search spans the intricacies of the association landscape, targeting talent perfectly suited for roles from Non-Executive Directors to C-Suite positions. With meticulous attention to the evolving needs of these organisations, we provide enduring leadership strategies that reflect the changing economic models and societal shifts.

Leveraging over two decades of active engagement in the sector, we are attuned to its nuances and backed by an unparalleled network of expertise. This positions us exceptionally well to recognise leaders who are not just adept at advocacy but can also navigate and excel in an adaptive and increasingly digitised world.

Our recent associations and advocacy executive leadership appointments

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer
Deputy Director
Interim Chief Executive Officer
Manager, Policy and Advocacy
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer
Interim Human Resources Advisor
Industry Policy and Advocacy
Board Chair
Chief Executive Officer
Interim HR Advisor
Chief Executive Officer


Associations and advocacy executive search

  • Advocacy & government relations
  • Professional and peak body leadership
  • Policy development and implementation
  • Social purpose organisations
  • Trade & industry associations
  • Member services
  • Community engagement and public campaigns
  • Philanthropy & fundraising
  • Compliance
  • Governance

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