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We’re specialists in health industry executive recruitment

We dedicate ourselves to the advancement of the health, seeking out leaders who can navigate the complexities of modern healthcare while fostering advancements in patient care and innovative solutions.

Brooker Consulting understands the intricate balance required within public, private, and non-profit health organisations, and introduces you to leadership that champions your growth and responds adeptly to industry changes.

In an era defined by rapid advancements and unprecedented challenges, such as the global pandemic response, the indispensability of the health has never been more evident.

Organisations within this sector urgently require resilient leaders to navigate effectively and sustainably.

Brooker Consulting provides an exhaustive suite of services for Non-Executive Director, C-Suite and General Management roles within health.

Our comprehension of the unique pressures and financial nuances equips us to develop specialised solutions that advance the search for exceptional talent that fits seamlessly into your operational ethos.

Over two decades of focused health industry engagements enables us to understand the life cycle of healthcare leadership and support trailblazers in this domain.

Our unparalleled network within this sector underpins our capacity to connect you with candidates who are inspirational, fiscally astute, and possess the right amalgamation of expertise, values, and cultural adaptability.

Our recent health executive leadership appointments

Board Chair
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer
GM of Nursing and Medical Services
Chief Executive Officer
General Manager Clinical Services
Capital Campaign Director
Manager Human Resources and Communications
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer
Head of Commercialisation
Business Manager
Board Chair
Chief Executive Officer
General Manager Finance and Corporate Services
Head of Fundraising and Marketing
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Head of Clinical Operations
Chief Executive Officer


Health sector executive search

Brooker Consulting’s health industry executive search capabilities span:

  • Hospitals and health services
  • Health policy and regulation
  • Medical research and clinical trials
  • Mental health and disability services
  • Aged care management
  • Public health strategy
  • Health and wellness non-profit organisations
  • Private healthcare providers
  • Digital health innovation
  • Primary and community health
  • Patient safety
  • Clinical governance

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