Across the not-for-profit, health and life sciences sectors, our clients consistently tell us they are required to “do more with less” and must achieve results in ever tighter timeframes. 

Effective senior talent is a big part of unlocking success – but when external or internal disruptions mean that an organisation doesn’t have the capability it needs, accessing this talent can feel out of reach.

Interim talent solutions are often the answer. From accessing pre-qualified specialist skill sets to bringing best practice and broad industry experience to an existing team, the benefits are considerable.

Here are 5 scenarios where hiring an Interim Executive is the right move:


Picture this situation: Your CEO or Head of Clinical Research has booked some long service leave for a trip to see friends in the middle of 2024. Your organisation has a number of key programs to deliver and you cannot afford any interruptions to the roll out. 

  • Hire an interim executive with a versatile skill set that not only complements and supports the absence of a key leader but also sustains operational momentum. 
  • Rather than asking an existing team member to ‘act up’ into the role, minimise the potential negative impacts of additional stress and responsibilities and maintain optimal performance.
  • Utilise a seasoned interim professional who will deliver set outcomes and, significantly, facilitate your leader’s smooth return.


When appointing a new CEO or other executive, the anticipation and excitement surrounding their arrival is palpable. However the transition period leading up to their first day (anywhere from 3 to 6 months) poses a potential risk. To harness the optimism and positive anticipation, it is often prudent to fill the interim gap. 

  • Mitigate the risk of essential projects stalling and prevent potential operational deviations or loss of revenue.
  • Ensure that the trajectory of this change of leadership remains positive, laying the groundwork for the new leader’s seamless integration rather than having to correct a downward trajectory post-appointment. 
  • Strategically safeguard your organisation’s stability and set the stage for a robust and successful leadership transition.


When a key leader steps aside during a critical phase, it can disrupt entire change programs or momentum building periods crucial for success. 

Investing in the hiring of an experienced and wise voice at short notice is a small yet invaluable step. This strategy can minimise disruption, ensuring seamless coordination and forward momentum until your key leader can return to their role.


An interim executive can bring unique energy, experience and expertise to create and execute your required strategy. This can be a short term strategy that suits a specific point in time without the complexity, headcount and ongoing costs of a permanent team member. 

Projects may include:

  • The need to bolster your substantive leader’s skills for a specific outcome.
  • Introducing an alternative but complementary skill set to address immediate capacity challenges.
  • A leader to implement necessary, potentially unsettling changes, to provide the permanent leader with a stable platform to unite the team under a new shared vision.


Complementing your core team’s current strengths with an interim leader can bring a unique voice, an external perspective, and can build the capability of others across an organisation.

Leveraging the skill set and wisdom of a well-screened and available executive can approach complex challenges with confidence.

Benefits include:

  • A cost-effective method of delivering a unique project
  • Up-skilling opportunity for your internal team. 
  • Allocating a set budget for a professional to undertake a range of tasks over a defined period. It doesn’t require long term financial and FTE obligations.

Brooker is well placed to respond to your need, should it be one of the above FIVE reasons, or something else entirely. To understand the types of roles that we hire for and to hear some testimonials from happy clients, please head to our interim page.  

Whether it be stability or transformation that you need, take confidence that your project will continue. A Brooker Interim executive could well be the solution. 

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