Two significant events in the healthcare ecosystem were held recently, the Australian Healthcare Week in Sydney and the recent AusMedTech conference in Adelaide.

These conferences brought together the brightest minds in the business and shed light on two critical themes with Australia-wide implications, driven by both international and national factors.

The Healthcare & MedTech talent drought

Both events highlighted the challenges experienced when attempting to fill workforce gaps in the healthcare industry.

Concerns include the difficulty in attracting and retaining talent, high wage demands, and the need for requisite training and upskilling.

It was also noted that the banking and finance sectors are increasingly competing for STEMM graduates, further exacerbating the talent shortage.

Contracting capital in global markets

Raising capital for business growth is another issue being faced by healthcare organisations. Global markets have experienced a contraction in capital availability, making it tougher for CEOs to secure funding for their companies.

This has resulted in increased pressure on executive leaders to achieve more with limited resources, impacting their strategic decision-making and overall business performance.

Brooker Consulting is in the privileged position of enjoying current partnerships with Health & Biotech industry leaders. Having daily access to a wealth of sector knowledge enables us to work with organisations and executives to solve challenges that are both unique to a business and experienced sector-wide.

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