There are numerous strategies to improve your business practices to help the environment and some of these changes might help your company save money. Here are some ideas for making your office and organisation greener every day.

Go Paperless

One of the most effective methods to help your business migrate to greener pastures is to go paperless. Presentations, proposals, invoices and other documents can be received by email and shared virtually, eliminating the need for printing. If you can’t go paperless right away, just be mindful of what you are printing and make sure to recycle printed materials later.

Use Green Apps

Most of us spend a lot of time on our smartphones so having apps that remind you to recycle, reuse, and establish more green habits can be handy. Some apps keep track of your carbon footprint and allow you to turn off lights and appliances remotely which might save you money whilst also helping the environment!

Reconsider Your Commute

When COVID-19 became more prevalent, air pollution levels were minimised as the majority of the world’s workforce transitioned from the office to home. As many return to their workplaces, it’s the perfect time to create healthier, more eco-friendly commuting habits. Why not carpool, use public transport or ride your bike?

Invest in Environmentally-friendly Equipment

Choose environmentally-friendly equipment if you have the option such as LED light bulbs and eco-friendly heating solutions, and laptops and screens with an A+ energy rating. You may also program thermostats to turn off when they aren’t in use and lights to turn off when they aren’t needed.

Enhance your energy efficiency as an employee by doing an audit once a year to adjust your consumption and don’t forget to switch off the lights when you’re finished for the day!

Purchase paper that has been certified as being from responsibly managed forests or that has been recycled. In a nutshell, go for greener materials and devices.

Recycle Office Waste

When we are at work, we frequently forget about all of the good recycling habits that we have at home. Taking action against this tendency is a basic step toward becoming a more sustainable employee. As an employer, make sure your recycling bins are well-placed and well-marked, and that your personnel are familiar with your municipality’s recycling regulations.

Use Your Influence

As an environmentally conscious company, you might promote horticulture and sustainability among your employees and community by participating in tree-planting activities or community gardening programs. Why not start your initiative if there aren’t any in your area? Use your influence as a business to promote green thinking and values among your customers. Share your expertise and inspire others to participate.

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