Thanks to our clients, referral partners, suppliers, and supporters, 2022 has been a busy year for Brooker Consulting. We are also extremely grateful for the candidates we have interacted with, as well as their referees, and the various purpose driven organisations, peak bodies, and professional associations with whom we enjoy truly collaborative relationships.

As you may gather from the attached selection of recent advertising campaigns, Brooker continues to work with truly impressive organisations across health, research, education, community, member associations, and the broader profit-for-purpose sectors. This is complemented by our ongoing commitment to the commercialisation of projects generated by the country’s universities, hospitals, and research institutes.

Over the past 11 months, we have had the pleasure of conducting more than 40 assignments and appointing 55 high calibre candidates into entities that continue to make a real impact in their areas of operation around the country. Our client base in regional Australia continues to grow as service organisations respond to the needs of rural and remote communities.

The world of work looks different to how it did 12 months ago. The exceptional CEOs and Non-Executive Directors we have placed have responded well to calls from a workforce concerned about the rewards offered for discretionary effort, engagement and retention programs as well as environmental and social impact agendas, mental health initiatives, and the creation of workplaces that offer maximum flexibility. Demand is high for executives who have the ability to combine passion with specialised skills, qualifications and business acumen. Tried and trusted models are no longer working for people leaders, and organisations must adopt more innovative and entrepreneurial approaches.

As part of the Lawson HR Group, our relationship with Lawson Delaney, Johnson Recruitment and Practice Managers Australia goes from strength to strength, giving us the capacity to offer a broader range of services to our clients, beyond our traditional focus on C-suite and governance roles. Through our series of targeted, sector specific complimentary webinars, we have hosted exceptional guest speakers to highlight and tackle trending topics that resonate with employers and employees alike. We are confident that our 2023 program will continue to add value and garner the positive feedback that we have thus far enjoyed.

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for your support in 2022, and we look forward to catching up in the new year, hopefully after we all enjoy a well-earned break.

Brooker Consulting is a prominent Australian talent acquisition and leadership advisory firm specialising in appointing interim and substantive CEOs, Board positions and c-suite executives. Our expertise spans the public and private sectors, with a strong focus on biotechnology, research, and health technology organisations.

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